DAV HCL Public School, Malanjkhand
HCL, Malanjkhand, Balaghat, Madhya Pradesh - 481116
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Principal’s Message  

Every child has got some innate potential and school is a place where the potential is nurtured. DAV HCL Public school is not only school but also institution which is committed for excellence . We believe in holistic approach to education for all around development of personality.

Education is the fourth basic pillar of the society after food , clothing and shelter .On one hand , the society impact education and on the other hand, education influences the society. We being a part of teaching fraternity, aim at shaping and moulding those well rounded persons, a separate class of individual , who will gradually turn into a superior batch of professionals, churning oceans of revolution.

We focus on thinking skills, competence and multidimensional work-skills. We inculcate humanity and value Education. We promote physical education , environmental education and life skills education.

And today when the entire world  is going Hi-tech we cannot expect the tastes and liking of people to remain unchanged. Change and transformation for the good is always healthy sign. But when the change leads to the loss of finer sensibilities, it is definitely a time to worry. With many technological distraction (Internet, mobile) books are forced to become showpieces in the showcase. Thus it become our responsibility to make the children realize the importance of reading books by providing a good library housing a wide range of books and journal..    

The school aims at producing responsible and able citizens for not only our country but also for the entire world. DAV HCL stand in passing on the skills through excellent education in various streams has surfaced productively & successfully. We welcome all aspirants to the land of DAV HCL Malanjkhand to recoil values and aim.

The choice lies with you keeping in view the deal in information, communication and technology at the right place & at all altitudes timely.

Wishing you a  perceptive and creditable position.

(R.P Mishra)