DAV HCL Public School, Malanjkhand

HCL, Malanjkhand, Balaghat, Madhya Pradesh - 481116

Vision and Mission  


In the modern times when the moral values are being fast eroded away in face of invasion by the materialistic attitude and commercial approach to life which leads only to dissatisfaction, rat race and depression. D.A.V. HCL Public School Malanjkhand  is doing a sterling job of anchoring the youngsters firmly on to their age - old Vedic traditions through chanting of Vedic Mantras daily in the morning assembly, encouraging the children to perform Havana as per the Vedic rites, teaching the age - old Hindu traditions and customs of paying respect by touching the feet of elders & respected ones. Moral Education is an integral part of the school curriculum. Honesty & truthfulness is appreciated & generously rewarded. All these efforts transform young minds into strong and stable characters. The students in D.A.V. HCL Public School Malanjkhand are provided the best facilities and infrastructure for education. Since profit making is not the aim, maximum funds are utilized to create a learner friendly ambience and environment in the school. There is an excellent library stocked with books which help the students expand their mental horizons and benefit the teachers as well. Modern infrastructure for science education, computer education and sports training enable the all round development of the learners in the school. 

Environmental issues like the reduction of pollution and sustenance of the environment have also been taken up by D.A.V. HCL Public School Malanjkhnd. Several projects like Clean India, Uses of Copper utensils,  Save forest-Save life, Van-mahotsav, say no to poly-bags’ campaign, water-conservation and anti-pollution drives are regularly carried out by the DAV HCL Public School Malanjkhand in order to create awareness not only among the students but the whole community. Our students have carried out sanitation and cleanliness drives in the school neighbourhood also. 


The DAV vision of education telescopes well with the National Policy on Education (1986) which lays great emphasis on developing a national system of education, with Education For All, keeping in mind the elimination of disparities in the educational system and provision of more facilities through qualitative interventions, empowerment of women, access to education to disadvantaged sections of the society, educationally backward minorities and the disabled. It also calls for greater rigour and discipline in academic pursuits, autonomy and accountability, experimentation and innovation and nurture excellence and modernization of processes at different levels of education.


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DAV HCL Public School, Malanjkhand 
HCL, Malanjkhand,
Balaghat, Madhya Pradesh - 481116
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